age slowly with superfoods

Sixty years young – the benefits of superfoods


Is there a bounce in your step? Do you feel light and healthy? Do you feel there is another wonderful day awaiting us? Or do you JUST wish you could feel this way from the start of the day and life is a joyful happy experience, instead of a problem we just have to cope with and endure?

Superfoods are foods with a very high nutrient density that their benefits can give you super powers! One of main benefits of superfoods is in lowering our biological age which is what makes us feel more youthful. Superfoods super charge our bodies and makes it perform at its best giving us a greater life force.

Just because our age says 60, why can’t our bodies have the energy and youth-fullness of 40 years young. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SIXTY.

We all know our chronological age tells us the number of years we have lived, and our biological age determines how young we are in our bodies and mind; our energy; vibrancy; appearance of our skin; or even how healthy and flexible our bodies are. There is no reason why our whole structure cannot be 40 years young.

Do you remember that song in The Rocky Horror Show “DON’T DREAM IT BE IT“?

Our bodies have this amazing ability wherein every cell in our bodies can regenerate itself. If we give it the right food our bodies have a greater chance to regenerate, become energetic and more healthy. I often hear those words within me. WHAT WE EAT SO WE BECOME. I have found this to be so very true over the years.

What happens when we put the wrong fuel in our car? How well does it run? Badly at first and then it simply won’t! It is the same with our bodies and minds. How we fuel and nourish our bodies, will determine the quality and vibrancy of life we will live and experience.

As we progress in years, our bodies accumulate toxins from our environment – the air we breathe; emotional trials we suffer and the food we eat. All of which can cause inflammations, hormone imbalance, depression, weight imbalance, cravings, diabetes, heart and thyroid problems, and many other health problems. We can prevent and correct most of these through right nourishment, diet and exercise. SUPERFOODS are becoming more and more recognised for their exceptional value in every day nutrition. With the right combination your body will be more energetic with a vibrant life force.

In today’s world, thanks to internet research, almost everything is available to us at the touch of a finger. So don’t be shy, explore! You may be surprised how amazingly delicious and healthy superfoods can be, with incredible health benefits.

I can honestly say superfoods have changed my life.

Having lived in Asian countries for over nine years I learnt that women have been using Mangosteen for centuries to prevent cancer.

Maca powder has been known through studies to reduce your biological age. Your ageing process slows down. It helps with hormone balance in all ages. It is also considered in China as a male Viagra, also assisting men increasing a sperm count.

Spirulina and Maca combined assist with keeping a healthy thyroid.

Spirulina and Chlorella are great antioxidants that assist the body in eliminating harmful metals accumulated in our body through exposure to pollutants in our air, water and food.

In short, superfoods help you age slowly!

But there is so much more to discover about superfoods, their natural healing and nutritional benefits. While there are many currently in the market, please make sure you read the labels carefully and avoid products with synthetic additives or fillers.

Add few superfoods into your diet and you will see that Just because you are 60 doesn’t mean you have to be!

Jasmine Fricker

—–this article first appeared in parts on The Natural Beauty Expert blog—–