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Q How is Lite and Healthy products Holistic?

All the ingredients in Lite and Healthy All-In-One are created to work from the inside out, by providing the benefits both for the body and mind.

 By looking at our health as ONE WHOLE  not just one aspect. Lite and Healthy Superfoods created the right mineral and vitamin structure to support that WHOLE not just one part of us .

Q  Why should I take this product?
By using Lite and Healthy Superfoods our body receives the same benefits as taking multiple products at the same time, eg, Omega 3s, fibre tablets, Protein, Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and minerals. Many spend in excess of $200 plus for their vitamin intake. With Heart 2 Organic your health investment starts as little as $39.95 you are absorbing whole natural ingredients which your body recognizes as real food.

Q  How does protein help with recovery?

Protein assists in recovery by feeding the muscles with amino acids which feed the muscle cells to recover and strengthen and prepare for more work and play.

Q  Will this product give me more energy?

Yes Lite and Healthy Superfoods will increase energy by feeding the body and brain with all the nutrients needed in order to recover and feel more vitality and enthusiasm to have a more fulfilled life, full of energy, without the calories of over eating.

Q  Why should I invest financially to buy this product? how is this product more superior than others?

11 super-foods  work synergisticlly together to provide the body with complete nutrition including calcium and magnesium, iron and B complex vitamins you wont need a cabinet full of capsules and tablets.

Q  When is it most beneficial to take protein for recovery?

Take the protein recovery immediately after a workout so you get the required Amino Acids to the muscle cells within the short window of opportunity after exercise.

Q  Is there any side effects that Lite and healthy superfoods may create due to the detoxifying effect?

You may feel slightly dehydrated and in some instances a quesy affect which is a totally natural response during a detoxifying experience so we recommend that you drink 3 litres of water for your first week of using Heart 2 Organic All-In-One.
If your body has accumulated toxins due to drinking and smoking, you may beguine to experience a detox affect. So please start with a minimum dose of 1/2 scoop first week then increase to 1 scoop on week 2.