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Organic Mangosteen Superfood Powder

• Non GMO
• Gluten Free
• Lactose Free
• 100% Natural
• Alkaline
• Dairy Free
• Vegan
• Fair Trade
• Organic

Mangosteen is known as the "Queen of Asian fruits". Lite & Healthy use the entire fruit of Mangosteen, not just the pulp, and only the highest quality. A native of Thailand, Mangosteen is famous for it's healing properties and may assist in fighting cancer cells. Mangosteen peal is abundant with the powerful antioxidant XANTHONES. The Mangosteen is an anti-inflammatory and may assist in fighting inflammation and arthritis.

Mangosteen may assist in these areas:
Healthy looking skin, arthritis, eye problems, digestive tract issues, obesity, lowering cholesterol, depression and low mood, crohn's disease, heart disease


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