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Welcome to Lite and Healthy
Prevention is better than cure

Our motto, 'What we eat, so we become', feeling good, being energetic, reducing cravings and living at our highest potential gives us a greater life force; a life of peace and a much wider range of choices.

It's our birth right to be healthy and happy. Each one of us deserves to have a happy lifestyle with a healthy mind and healthy body. Lite and Healthy's vision represents a change for a healthier, better and fuller life in our world and society.

Why Lite & Healthy?
Our mission

Lite and Healthy Superfoods is an Australian superfoods manufacturer and health company dedicated towards spreading global awareness for health & well-being.

It gives us a great pleasure through Lite and Healthy superfoods to bring forth to all athletes, gym-goers, weekend warriors, mums, dads, and all those in a corporate and professional field with a product that delivers, giving us a greater health potential.

Results speak for themselves

Kurt Tippett

Sydney Swans - AFL Football Player

"Lite and Healthy SuperFoods has helped boost my overall health and athletic performance.

Made from the highest quality, naturally grown superfoods which you can taste, it provides me the real nutrients I need to train, perform and recover at the highest level..."

Dr. Bradley Mandell


"Made from the highest quality, naturally grown superfoods, this product has been perfect for me. After about a month of using Lite & Healthy once per day in the morning,

I can see my ab muscles now! The stiffness in my joints was greatly reduced and my endurance has increased too..."

Marie Grofski

Financial Advisor

"Straight away I noticed it only had organic healthy stuff, most of which I was a little familiar with, but the best thing is that it had everything combined into a simple shake which makes it so easy to take..."

A New Healthier You

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