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About Us

Lite and Healthy is a superfood health company dedicated towards global awareness for health and well-being. We strongly believe that it is important that people understand the benefits of natural superfoods and how these can help them achieve mental and physical strength to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Through Lite and Healthy Superfoods, we wish to make healthy and natural products easily accessible to people throughout the world and help them lead a healthier, better and fuller life! All our products are ethically sourced and use natural ingredients without artificial additives.

As part of an ongoing mission, we are also helping children born in less fortunate living conditions such as Thailand and India, meet their nutritional requirements.


jasmaine-largeMost modern ailments are brought about by poor food choices. I too have encountered health challenges in my earlier days. Since then I became a trained natural therapist and healer. My training began in 1975 and so did the journey of healing and transformation.

I travelled the world in search of knowledge. and had the good fortune to be trained by wonderful teachers and healers, such as Judy Jacka (Founder of the Southern School

of Natural Therapies), Reverent John C King, Pranic healing master Master Choa Kok Sui and many more.

Through these amazing souls I realized the choice is always ours, which in turn determines our life’s outcome.

My learnings have taught me that, as the first step, it is essential we make the right nutritional choices, as these bring vitality, youthfulness and an energetic way of being and achieving.

In Light and Health,

Jasmine Fricker

Founder and Director of Lite & Healthy Superfoods

I have been working as a Personal Trainer & Coach in the Health Industry for more than 10 years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Australia and abroad; while it was a lot of fun, meeting people from all walks of life, I found many who were wishing to better their life in some way.

phuket pic for websiteHaving worked closely with food supplements during the course of my professional career, I have discovered the benefits and the shortcomings of supplements and their use, firsthand! Supplements that seem to have power to achieve our objectives in the short-term, may have long-term detrimental effects. I realized how important it is for us to be conscious of everything we take into our bodies, as it has an impact on our life-force and overall health.

My experience has made me aware that there is no substitute for natural and pure products, free from chemicals and additives.


Matthew Plant

Co-Director of Lite & Healthy Superfoods